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A Beginner’s Guide to Anti-Aging Skincare

Posted on November 23 2021

A Beginner’s Guide to Anti-Aging Skincare


As our skin ages, less collagen and elastin are produced, causing loss of volume, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. With thousands of anti-aging products available on the market, figuring out the best anti-aging routine for you can feel overwhelming. Starting your anti-aging skincare journey early helps to keep the signs of aging away for longer. Here are three top tips that will help you on your anti-aging skincare journey.

Look at the Ingredients 

The number one way to look for anti-aging products is to look at the facts. Certain ingredients have been clinically tested and proven to improve signs of aging. Knowing which ingredients to look for when shopping for anti-aging products will help you avoid misleading callouts and unrealistic promises. 
Key ingredients to look for in an-aging products include:

    • Peptides: Certain peptides are able to stimulate collagen production, and have been shown to improve skin texture and wrinkling.

    • Plant Squalene: Squalene prevents the loss of hydration to improve dermal suppleness and has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce redness and swelling.

    • Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic acid's main function is to retain water. Over time the amount of hyaluronic acid in our skin decreases. supplementing this loss with topical serums will reduce dry skin and the appearance of wrinkles.

    • Encapsulated Caffeine: Caffeine helps reduce puffiness, dark circles and the appearance of cellulite. Also, because of caffeine’s antioxidant properties, it helps protect cells against the UV radiation and slows down the process of photoaging of the skin.

    Target Areas Prone to Aging

    Everyone ages differently but typically, the areas most prone to aging are the face, neck and lips. Targeting these areas early and proactively will help reduce and mitigate visible signs of aging for longer.

    The Face

    The skin around your eyes is typically more prone to premature signs of aging because it is very thin. Other key areas on your face prone to aging are the brows, forehead, lips, cheekbones, and nasolabial fold.

    ​​The SBLA Facial Instant Sculpting Wand is a non-invasive all-in-one face wand for wrinkles that targets all the facial areas most prone to visible signs of aging. 

    The Facial Instant Sculpting Wand contains both encapsulated caffeine and plant squalene, which are clinically proven to reduce puffiness and smooth lines. The face firming serum delivers an instant lifting and smoothing effect and remains on the upper dermis to deliver continued results and over time. 

    The Neck

    Like the face, the neck is also an area of the body that is prone to showing visible signs of aging. Unfortunately, the major cause of an aging neck is something completely outside our control, gravity. The neck, chin and jawline are also among the thinnest and most fragile areas of your skin, making it prone to aging.

    The SBLA Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wand uses Columbia University-backed bio-mimicking technology that duplicates the way the skin behaved in its prime. The proprietary blend smooths and tightens, reduces lines and wrinkles, and brightens and evens out skin tone.

    Following the success of the original Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wand, SBLA launched the Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wand XL. SBLA’s Neck Sculpting Wand XL is the first-ever topical application proven to melt-fat and is backed by Harvard Medical Research. Hyaluronic acid and peptides work together to deliver deep skin penetration, replenish moisture, increase collagen production, reduce wrinkles, and increase skin firmness. Results of the Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wands are both immediate and cumulative and can take years off the appearance of the neck.

    The Lips 

    In addition to the face and the neck, skin on and around our lips have unique properties that make it particularly vulnerable to signs of aging.

    The pinkish color of our lips is caused by the thinness of the skin, in fact, lip skin only consists of three to five cellular layers instead of up to sixteen layers. Our lips are also constantly exposed to the environment and as we age, our lips become dryer and lose volume.

    The SBLA Lip Plump and Sculpt reduces fine lines and enhances the shape, color, and fullness of our lips.

    The SBLA Lip Plump and Sculpt increases blood flow to the lips in a healthy and organic method. the formula locks in moisture to visibly smooth lips, reducing lines and wrinkles

    Combining high-quality science-backed products with healthy habits is the best way to mitigate visible signs of aging. A holistic anti-aging approach looks at how environment and lifestyle choices can also cause our skin to age prematurely. 

    Avoid over-exposure to the sun

    Exposure to things like ultraviolet radiation from the sun decreases the amount of hyaluronic acid in your skin and damages the elastic fibers that keep skin firm. SBLA formulas contain Acetyl Glucosamine, which repairs and treats sun damaged skin while also reducing age spots and evening out skin tone. Wearing sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 has been clinically proven to protect your skin from sun damage.

    Drink lots of water

    Drinking lots of water is a natural way to get healthy glowing skin. Increasing your water intake can help:

    • Maintain your skin's elasticity
    • Flush out toxins.
    • Maintain a good pH balance in your skin.

    Get a healthy amount of sleep

    During sleep your blood flow increases and your skin rebuilds its collagen and repairs damage from UV exposure. Meaning, sleep is an important time when your body naturally works to reduce wrinkles and age spots. If you aren't getting a healthy amount of sleep, you aren't providing your body with a sufficient amount of time to repair the damage caused to your skin throughout the day. Your goal should be to get an average of 7-9 hours of sleep every night.


















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