Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Neck from Signs of Aging

Posted on December 09 2021

Signs of Aging


The importance of cleansing and moisturizing your face is ingrained in us from adolescence. However, the neck is often an overlooked part of our skincare routine. Unfortunately, the neck is one of the areas most prone to visible signs of aging. 

With time, the support structures in the skin weaken, leading to loss of elasticity and sagging skin. Common signs of an aging neck are the development of vertical muscle bands and excess fat deposits. The bands occur due to the regular use of the platysma muscle, the muscle responsible for the movement of your chin and downward mouth gestures. Over time the platysma muscle weakens, thins and becomes less defined, resulting in the vertical muscle bands. Excess fat deposits can be caused by hormonal changes in the body as we age.  Although aging is a natural and inevitable process, there are ways to reverse and reduce visible signs of an aging neck. The following are the top three ways to protect your neck from signs of aging.


The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the skin, the part you can see and feel. Around the age of 40 most people begin to experience a thickening of the stratum corneum and the appearance of the outer layer of skin becomes drier and duller.  Simultaneously, the dermis, the skin beneath the outermost layer, begins to thin. Loss of cells and elasticity in the dermis results in a saggier appearance. However, studies have shown that engaging in moderate exercise twice a week stimulates cell activity and helps build new layers of skin that are thicker and more elastic. Consequently, exercising can help reduce and reverse the visible signs of aging.

Eat Fatty Foods

Fats often get a bad rap. However, including unsaturated fats in your diet is important because they provide essential fatty acids your body can’t make. Eating foods high in omega 3 and omega 6 helps your body produce collagen. Collagen is a protein that is naturally present in the connective tissues of the body. Collagen keeps your neck skin looking plump and tight. As you age your body produces less collagen which results in sagging skin. Eating foods high in omega 3 and 6 will help boost your body’s natural collagen production. Fish like mackerel, salmon and herring are very high in omega 3 while walnuts, tofu and peanut butter are great sources of omega 6. You can also offset the natural loss of collagen through supplements. Collagen supplements can be taken in the form of pills or a tasteless dissoluble powder.

Target your Neck with Anti-aging Products

Contrary to popular belief, neck creams are not the same as face creams. SBLA’s Neck, Chin and Jawline Sculpting Wand is specifically formulated to target the thinnest and most fragile areas of the skin that are prone to aging: the jawline chin and neck area. The SBLA Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wand uses Columbia University-backed bio-mimicking technology that duplicates the way the skin behaved in its prime. As stated earlier, collagen is a structural protein that helps keep skin tight. As you age your body produces less collagen and your skin begins to sag. SBLA’s Neck, Chin and Jawline Wand contains a proprietary double peptide blend which increases collagen production, reduces lines & wrinkles, and increases skin firmness.  Additionally, the neck wand also contains The SBLA Hyaluronic Acid Complex.  Hyaluronic acid is a compound that makes it possible for the skin to absorb more water and appear more plump. SBLA’s Hyaluronic Acid Complex delivers deep skin penetration, while lipids replenish moisture, plumps skin cells, reduces lines and wrinkles and visibly tightens the skin.

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